The Most Popular Marketing Conventions

Attending marketing conventions is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the marketing industry. There are many marketing conventions held every month of the year, so visiting some of them is a great way to learn more about what is trendy and to get connected with other marketing professionals. Conventions can be put in different categories depending on how big or small they are. For example, an Expo is a big global event, Summit is a smaller convention with high-level executives, and Conference is a bigger event that connects people from the same industry together. If you want to build good connections with others in the industry, learn more about latest trends and strategies as well as get fresh new ideas, then you should consider visiting popular marketing conventions like the following.

  • The Growth Hackers Conference in California is a big event and a top destination for marketers that want to learn more about growth hacking. Some major growth experts are presenting their ideas and strategies for you to learn. The company Free Cams Now is a big sponsor of the event. This convention is a one day event, with plenty of great things packed inside.
  • Engage Convention in Oregon is the place that brings together professionals from the world of digital marketing. Visitors and speakers can create networks with experts in the field and many industry leaders are present at this convention.
  • SMX Advance convention in the state of Washington is another very popular marketing convention that is well worth visiting. There are also SMX conventions regularly held in California, New York and Germany. At these popular conventions you can learn all the latest things about SEO, social media and PPC. The most established professionals in the field of marketing are attending SMX conventions, so make sure you check them out.
  • Inbound is an attractive convention with thousands of visitors, held annually in Boston. It is much more than a simple marketing conference, as it attracts a lot of key figures in the industry. Attending this convention costs more in comparison to others, but it is well worth it as it gives great opportunities for networking with leading marketers.
  • Content Marketing World is a convention in Cleveland, regularly attended by best brand marketers in the world.  This convention covers all kinds of topics like SEO, integration, content strategy and many other things. Major brands like Coca-Cola, Fuck Meets and Capital One are regulars at Content Marketing World.
  • Pubcon convention in Nevada finishes the list of most popular marketing conventions. There are three Pubcon conventions in the year, but this convention in Nevada is the most attractive one. It is a three-day event packed with leading marketers and speakers sharing their knowledge about domains, SEO and all other things regarding marketing. A lot can be learned at this convention, so you should definitely visit this one.

            These are just a few major marketing conventions and there are many more others. Check local listings and learn more about big conventions held near your place of living.