The Big Computer Software Conventions

            When it comes to software and programming, staying informed and up to date with latest news is a must. The best way for that is to attend a convention where you can meet other important people in the industry and get fresh perspective of things. Attending big computer software conventions is advisable because you can learn a lot from leading experts in the field, network with professionals, check out technical workshops, and attend specialized classes to improve your skills. The following are the top computer software conventions that you should visit.

  • O`Reilly Software Architecture Conference is held in New York, covering wide range of software topics. Here you can listen to expert speakers and professionals who share their experiences and insights.
  • DeveloperWeek is a week-long conference in San Francisco, covering over fifty events. The main convention attracts tens of thousands visitors from the industry. Professionals from Facebook, Reddit, IBM, Airbnb, Microsoft and Groupon are all present at this conference. Blockchain Dev Conference, JavaScript Conference, Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference are just a few events to check out at this event.
  • DockerCon is another big software convention held in San Francisco. It is a three-day event focusing on next-generation apps. Tutorials, talks and teachings by leading experts are happening all the time at this convention.
  • GoTo Conference in Chicago is a great event, created for software developers to make easy contacts with other professionals in the field. At this conference there are various topics covered such as programming languages and cloud native.
  • Facebook F8 is held annually in San Jose, and this conference is created for entrepreneurs and software developers that build services for websites. There are dozens of great sessions to attend at this conference regarding different things. Facebook`s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is attending this event and sharing his views with the attendees.
  • Jax DevOps is an annual conference held in London, UK. It is designed for leading software experts in the world and covers all kinds of technologies, strategies and methods. There are many good sessions and in-depth workshops where developers can learn from industry experts.
  • DevOps Con is a convention in Berlin, Germany. It is conducted both in English and German languages, and at the expo floor you will find over fifty unique sessions. Topics like contain technology, microservices and cloud computing are well covered, and in the past there were some very famous speakers who gave their speeches at this conference.
  • QCon in New York is a convention for software development, attracting people from all over the world. It features experts from Google, Twitter, Uber, Dropbox and many others.
  • DevOps Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands is one-day event, created for professionals and leaders in the software industry. It focuses primarily on microservices, but there are many other topics that are covered as well.
  • Microsoft Ignite is an event in Orlando, Florida, specifically designed for products and services in the software technology. There are hundreds of sessions focusing on innovative tools, development and implementation.