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The Ultimate Guide To Conventions: Make The Most Of Your Experience

Conventions offer a wealth of opportunity for business and networking. They provide a chance to meet new people, learn about new products and services, and find potential partners. But they can also be overwhelming. Here are a few tips to make the most of your convention experience.

Why Attend a Convention?

First, conventions can be a great opportunity to meet new people. They offer a chance to network with other business professionals and learn about new products and services. Second, conventions provide a place to learn about new trends. Third, conventions offer a chance to find potential partners for future business ventures. Finally, conventions can be a fun way to spend a weekend.

Tips When You Plan to Attend Conventions


Before you go to the convention, take some time to plan out your goals. What do you hope to accomplish? Who do you want to meet? What products or services do you want to learn more about? Having a plan will help you make the most of your time at the convention.


In order to make the most of your time at the convention, it’s important to be prepared. Make sure you have everything you need, including a copy of your agenda, business cards, and a notepad and pen.

Make the Most Out of Your Convention Experience

There are a few things you can do to make the most of your convention experience.

First, try to attend as many different sessions as possible. This will give you a better idea of what’s available and give you more chances to meet the people you’re interested in.

Second, make sure to take advantage of the social events. These events are a great way to connect with other attendees and learn more about the products or services they’re interested in.

Finally, be sure to take pictures and record your experiences on video. This will help you remember the highlights of your trip and help you share your experiences with others.

What to Expect at a Convention

When you go to a convention, there are a few things to expect. Alot of walking… Conventions are large and it can be difficult to find everything you’re looking for.

You will spend a lot of time in the crowded areas. This is especially true during the social events, when people are likely to be more social.

Lastly, be prepared for a lot of noise. Conventions can be very loud and it can be difficult to hear what’s going on around you.

In A Nutshell

Conventions are a valuable opportunity to learn and network with other professionals. With the proper preparation, you can make the most of your experience and get the most out of your time at the convention. 

Why Should You Consider Attending an Exhibit?

Ever wonder why it’s important to attend an exhibit, but you don’t know why? Or why is exhibit attendance beneficial to you? Or why should you attend an exhibit this year? Well, I’ve got the answers for you.

What is an exhibit?

In the world of art, we have exhibitions. These are a great way to find out about new art, to gather inspiration, and to see works that are not always so easy to see in person. Exhibit Hall is a community-based art gallery dedicated to presenting contemporary art, exhibiting local and international works in a variety of media.  

The art world is filled with museums and galleries. They show off the work of artists, and they all have different styles. Some of these museums are filled up with the art of one or two artists, while others are filled with the art of many artists, and each has its own niche. But, while each style has its own purpose, they all serve a similar purpose: to make you think. Exhibit design is no exception. Exhibit design professionals are tasked with helping events become more engaging, memorable, and successful. The exhibits we create are the building blocks of these successes. Exhibit Design is about people, not pixels, and it’s not an exact science. To achieve successful outcomes, exhibit design professionals must be able to get inside the heads of the subjects they are designing for.

If you have been to a museum before, you know that there are some very cool exhibits in this world. Some of the coolest exhibits can be found in popular museums like the Louvre and the Smithsonian. There are many reasons to attend an exhibit! One of the biggest benefits of attending an exhibit is meeting your neighbors, and a great way to meet your neighbors is through a neighborhood block party.

Attend an exhibit, and you’ll get to see an array of incredible materials in real life and on display for your viewing pleasure. You’ll also get to meet artists and other interesting people. And the best part is that you’ll have the opportunity to leave knowing you supported local and international creators.

The Big Computer Software Conventions

            When it comes to software and programming, staying informed and up to date with latest news is a must. The best way for that is to attend a convention where you can meet other important people in the industry and get fresh perspective of things. Attending big computer software conventions is advisable because you can learn a lot from leading experts in the field, network with professionals, check out technical workshops, and attend specialized classes to improve your skills. The following are the top computer software conventions that you should visit.

  • O`Reilly Software Architecture Conference is held in New York, covering wide range of software topics. Here you can listen to expert speakers and professionals who share their experiences and insights.
  • DeveloperWeek is a week-long conference in San Francisco, covering over fifty events. The main convention attracts tens of thousands visitors from the industry. Professionals from Facebook, Reddit, IBM, Airbnb, Microsoft and Groupon are all present at this conference. Blockchain Dev Conference, JavaScript Conference, Artificial Intelligence Dev Conference are just a few events to check out at this event.
  • DockerCon is another big software convention held in San Francisco. It is a three-day event focusing on next-generation apps. Tutorials, talks and teachings by leading experts are happening all the time at this convention.
  • GoTo Conference in Chicago is a great event, created for software developers to make easy contacts with other professionals in the field. At this conference there are various topics covered such as programming languages and cloud native.
  • Facebook F8 is held annually in San Jose, and this conference is created for entrepreneurs and software developers that build services for websites. There are dozens of great sessions to attend at this conference regarding different things. Facebook`s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is attending this event and sharing his views with the attendees.
  • Jax DevOps is an annual conference held in London, UK. It is designed for leading software experts in the world and covers all kinds of technologies, strategies and methods. There are many good sessions and in-depth workshops where developers can learn from industry experts.
  • DevOps Con is a convention in Berlin, Germany. It is conducted both in English and German languages, and at the expo floor you will find over fifty unique sessions. Topics like contain technology, microservices and cloud computing are well covered, and in the past there were some very famous speakers who gave their speeches at this conference.
  • QCon in New York is a convention for software development, attracting people from all over the world. It features experts from Google, Twitter, Uber, Dropbox and many others.
  • DevOps Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands is one-day event, created for professionals and leaders in the software industry. It focuses primarily on microservices, but there are many other topics that are covered as well.
  • Microsoft Ignite is an event in Orlando, Florida, specifically designed for products and services in the software technology. There are hundreds of sessions focusing on innovative tools, development and implementation.

The Most Popular Marketing Conventions

Attending marketing conventions is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments in the marketing industry. There are many marketing conventions held every month of the year, so visiting some of them is a great way to learn more about what is trendy and to get connected with other marketing professionals. Conventions can be put in different categories depending on how big or small they are. For example, an Expo is a big global event, Summit is a smaller convention with high-level executives, and Conference is a bigger event that connects people from the same industry together. If you want to build good connections with others in the industry, learn more about latest trends and strategies as well as get fresh new ideas, then you should consider visiting popular marketing conventions like the following.

  • The Growth Hackers Conference in California is a big event and a top destination for marketers that want to learn more about growth hacking. Some major growth experts are presenting their ideas and strategies for you to learn. The company Free Cams Now is a big sponsor of the event. This convention is a one day event, with plenty of great things packed inside.
  • Engage Convention in Oregon is the place that brings together professionals from the world of digital marketing. Visitors and speakers can create networks with experts in the field and many industry leaders are present at this convention.
  • SMX Advance convention in the state of Washington is another very popular marketing convention that is well worth visiting. There are also SMX conventions regularly held in California, New York and Germany. At these popular conventions you can learn all the latest things about SEO, social media and PPC. The most established professionals in the field of marketing are attending SMX conventions, so make sure you check them out.
  • Inbound is an attractive convention with thousands of visitors, held annually in Boston. It is much more than a simple marketing conference, as it attracts a lot of key figures in the industry. Attending this convention costs more in comparison to others, but it is well worth it as it gives great opportunities for networking with leading marketers.
  • Content Marketing World is a convention in Cleveland, regularly attended by best brand marketers in the world.  This convention covers all kinds of topics like SEO, integration, content strategy and many other things. Major brands like Coca-Cola, Fuck Meets and Capital One are regulars at Content Marketing World.
  • Pubcon convention in Nevada finishes the list of most popular marketing conventions. There are three Pubcon conventions in the year, but this convention in Nevada is the most attractive one. It is a three-day event packed with leading marketers and speakers sharing their knowledge about domains, SEO and all other things regarding marketing. A lot can be learned at this convention, so you should definitely visit this one.

            These are just a few major marketing conventions and there are many more others. Check local listings and learn more about big conventions held near your place of living.

What it Takes to Setup a Great Exhibit

Preparing to set up an exhibit for a trade show can sometimes be very challenging and frustrating. You certainly want to put on a great display to present yourself in best possible manner. In order to be well prepared, you first must learn about all the specifics of the convention where you will put the exhibit. When you know the layout of the area then you can better plan your exhibit. Be sure to find out how big or small the space will be, whether there are enough electrical outlets available, as well as other important details.

Things to Do For Putting On a Great Display

  • Make display table visible by using a tablecloth along with nice images and attractive color schemes. That will make it stand out among the rest and will make visitors curious to see what you have to offer.
  • Arrange the display table in such a way that it looks attractive for the visitors. Also use a nice presentation board, on which the visitors will read more about the benefits of using your products and services. Include pictures and logos with your company name.
  • Use slide shows, pictures and videos to draw attention to your booth. By displaying videos on monitors you are guaranteed to draw attention, because videos and slide shows are much more effective than plain text. If you do not have such equipment then a good idea would be to rent it because it will pay off eventually.
  • Make sure you use social media platforms for promoting your booth. That way you will let potential customers know that you are participating in a convention and you can invite large number of them to visit you.
  • Good thing to do when setting up an exhibit at a convention is to prepare giveaways and gift certificates for your customers. Always have handy brochures, flyers, business cards, magnets, pens and other things with your company name printed on it. Give these to people so they will remember your name and things you offer. Gift certificates are always very attractive for people and people will surely come back to you if you give them something for free at first.
  • Make sure you create a portfolio with your previous work as part of your exhibit. Print off some of your top work you have previously done and show it to people. Make it easy for visitors to flip through pages and see what you have done. Another good idea is to have an assistant that will be there to help you in greeting potential customers.
  • Finally, always be the first to welcome visitors to your exhibit. By being friendly and welcoming you are showing that you care for your customers and people will definitely respect that. Even simple `hello’ or a short welcoming speech can boost your reputation and credibility and will make people return back to your products and services.

The Best Graphics for an Exhibit Booth

            Attracting visitors to the exhibit booth is a thing that everyone wants to achieve when attending a trade show or a convention. An effective design of exhibit booth is very important for getting the attention of the visitors and maximizing your brand`s exposure. Visitors are moving fast, so you need something to quickly communicate your message to the attendees at the convention. Goals that you should achieve when present at convention is to generate more leads, increase the awareness for your brand, generate sales, attract more visitors and successfully promote your products and services.

Things to Consider When Designing an Exhibit Booth

            Before designing your booth, you first need to consider important things that will help you. You should make an online research and check which components are important that you need to include in your exhibit booth. Remember that most impactful booths are those that have bold graphics, have large signs that draw the attention of the convention visitors, have captivating colors and interactive elements.

            When it comes to which graphics work best for an exhibit booth, you should know that graphics are probably the most important part of the booth design. Graphics can make or break any booth, so having good graphics is a must for capturing the visitors’ attention. If the graphics are good then you will certainly get large volume of traffic towards your exhibit booth.

            First and most important thing regarding graphics is to use colors that are easily noticeable and that stand out from the crowd. The color scheme must be consistent with the marketing design of your choice. Always use brighter colors instead of neutral tones, because brighter colors will make your booth instantly recognizable. Metallic tones are also attractive, so consider using those too. Yellow, red and orange and their various tones are some colors that tend to stand out in the crowd.

            Besides using brighter and stronger colors, do not underestimate the importance of proper lighting. Good lighting accentuates the colors and gives the booth better visual appeal. Use the lighting in creative way together with colors for best effect. Your exhibit booth must be well-lit, allowing attendees to easily spot all details regarding your graphics. With good lighting you can brighten important parts of your exhibit like the promotional materials and product displays.

            Finally, remember to keep your main message clear and to use digital graphics as well. Those two things are very important. Digital graphics that are shown on large screens can be very persuasive and can quickly grab the attention of the visitors at the convention. Showing your logo, videos of your products, as well as some attractive changing images can attract more visitors towards your exhibition booth. All of these are powerful tools that can make your booth successful. Make sure you consider the pointers above and use proper graphics, signs and lighting. After that, present yourself in best possible manner and hope for great success at the convention.